Kurt on Julian Shore's 'Filaments'!

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  1. Lasse S

    Wow.. just.. wow!

    Everybody should pick up 'Filaments' by Julian Shore - beautifully composed tunes and outstanding musicianship.
    Kurt is on track 1, 2 and 5 and fits perfectly into Shore's musical universe - especially K's solo on the first track 'Grey Light, Green Lily' makes my heart sing like it never did before!

    Get the album on iTunes or cdbaby!

    Merry christmas everybody,
    Cheers, Lasse.

  2. konstantine

    Indeed, its a great album, Julian Shore┬┤s compositions are great and the musicianship is amazing. Kurt is a bonus but still the tracks are amazing!

  3. llazarides

    Checked out a few tracks when this first came out. Keep meaning to get my hands on it. Amazing all around.

    I used to talk fairly regularly with the other guitarist on the record way back in the day (Jeff, are you on this board? lol). He's quite a monster as well.


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