Kurt play Ana Maria at Musicians Institute 2005

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  1. nanjolee

    Hi Kurt,
    I have the your clinic at MI back 2005, I got it inside of the school they only allow student to watch , but I got it burn into my laptop while I was a student there. anyway , its DVD quality recorded , it was great clinic you showed a lot a approaches and how your practice stuff, your playing over Ana Maria , SO AMAZING!!!! , I figure If I can have your permission to just put that part on youtube to share. :) I will see you in vanguard this week


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  2. Anny Mouse


    I would love to see that! (the whole thing). Could you put it up on dropbox to share? Pretty please :) If Kurt's cool with it of course. There have been lots of clinics shared around with no problem so I'm sure this one won't be any different.

  3. jorgemg1984

    Count me in too if Kurt agrees!

  4. Benny

    I would think it's MI's permission you need to ask, since it's a private recording they made for the use of their students only.

  5. nanjolee

    Ok there is the link for Kurt play Ana Maria , put this for now only ,still wait to see if kurt aggre

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  6. ... Hahahaha!?!

  7. themawt71

    yeah. i'm trying to think of the last time i heard kurt with and electric bass? heartcore maybe??

  8. jbroad

    killing! thanks for posting

  9. smoke

    That is some astounding playing.

  10. Anny Mouse

    What do you think Anders? Is it cool if we see the whole clinic?

  11. docbop

    Who is that on bass, is it Brian Allen looks like his Zon.

  12. fakejake

    Yeah!!! Lets see the whole clinic!!!!

  13. nanjolee

    Just spoke to Kurt tonight , He wants to see it first , then see if he likes it or not....

  14. Cant argue with that, hope he likes it, crossing my fingers..............

  15. patfarlow

    i hope he likes it

  16. Anny Mouse

    Kurt, have you had a chance to look over the clinic and decide whether it's cool for us to see it or not?

  17. nanjolee

    hope he see it

  18. olek

    I think Kurt won' t like those recordings. Rhythm section sucks :)


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