Kurt Quartet live 1995

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  1. Hey all,

    after having read the thread on bootlegs & what Anders wrote there, it appears fine to post this here:

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    "The Enemies of Energy" live in good, old 1995... (Audio only)
    With Kurt, Mark Turner, Ben Street & myself on drums.

    I had the pleasure of subbing for Jeff Ballard a few times around that time and recorded some of those gigs. (1 microphone...)
    A while ago I transferred the cassette tapes over to my Mac and I thought some of you may enjoy this "vintage Kurt". ;)

    I have a few more songs. Will post them on the same YouTube channel when I get to it.

    Anders, if for whatever reason it's not cool to post this here, please delete this post.



  2. arewolfe

    SCORE! His guitar solo is crushing it even back then.

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  3. silverwater

    Ya I'm with you on that arewolfe...that's some ripping stuff. I dug the vibe he was going for on that.

  4. Got around to uploading one more: B Blues

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  5. And here is one more: Writer Blocks

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  6. Ok, I just sat down & uploaded all tracks I had from this gig. ;)

    Here is Kurt playing the hell out of a blues:

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  7. jorgemg1984

    THANK YOU! :)

  8. hitdoggie

    Where was this in Portland? I'm much too young to know where music this great occurred. It seems I can remember some jazz figures from Maine telling me, when I was a music school student, that Maine had a real serious jazz scene?

    Not to say there still aren't serious players doing great things in Maine, but from my understanding the scene is nothing now than like it once was?

    Also, really great to hear the development of a player. These clips sound especially great to my ears. By 95 Kurt seems to be well past the enculturation phase of the domain of jazz music, but also doing creative things. I think the two are discrete moments in the trajectory of a player, and it would be great to hear more of this stuff to perhaps hear more specifically where the switch was.



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