Kurt Rosenwinkel at Souza Lima 2006

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  1. Dorian Grey

  2. fakejake

    shit is that video available from any other platform than youtube? it wont play here in germany due to copyright

  3. (Sorry you have to read this fake jake)... Wow , that clip is beautiful

  4. guitar1025

    Fakejake, post your email. I'll send it to you.

  5. fakejake

  6. Man, I really enjoyed this clip so much. Again another great clip with some decent sound and video in a somewhat intimate venue . Kurt sounds so great. This video and looking around at other parts of the forum or things Kurt has mentioned in interviews led me on some searches. I really appreciated hearing him speak about his connection to Brazilian music ( and perhaps a window into his connection with music , period ); it was pretty touching to hear of the impact and the vividness of that impact music has on him. It makes me re- evaluate the ways or forms which I'm " listening "to music . I put it in quotes because I feel like its been a long time ( even when transcribing ) that I listen with that vividness and clarity. Like living it as if you've never heard it before .this sent me to some Elmo hope YouTubes and other people. Then I arrived at this toninho Horta masterclass. It's not the craziest shit in the world ( physically ) but ( to me : forgetting to sing when I play or practice and not being I touch with that or the game of guided by voice or hand or mind and not realize that that is heavy ... As heavy as a metronome being objective time passing to make sure you're dealing with or your ideas are falling into place(s) in time) it is so eye opening and face slappingly obvious to be messing with this stuff. To connect to what I'm doing , to use my ears. All the chords I know and little tricks and anxieties of things to know and stuff put into practice - singing a note and throwing stuff out to see how it will sound against it; to see how you'd have to voice it and voice leadi it; it not needing to be the deepest shit in the world or my flag in harmonic soil for all time but DEFINITELY a profoundly empirical employment of my capacity and experience thus far and an opportunity to try or feel other things through a fundamental, personal and generative process like this. I didn't mean to go on so long but it was just quite moving to see the Kurt clip ( along with several others of his and hearing music ) along with this clip . Which may seem kind of DUH to others but was what I needed to get out of this youtubey Wikipedia jazz interview spiral of bios and licks and stuff and every sub branch off of those.

    Check out this video on YouTube:

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  7. Azraelwave

    Really like he play falling grace

  8. Quintricacy

    Nice! I have played with Carlos the drummer and Sizao before. Really nice guys and great players!


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