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  1. patfarlow

    Can we do one like John Mayer did?
    We could hang out with Kurt, ask questions and he could talk to fans for 30 minutes or so.

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  2. fakejake

    John Mayer, I can't stand that douche...

    BTW, wasn't there a fellow forum member who recently wanted to interview Kurt, and Kurt already agreed?
    What happened with that?

  3. aramaya

    I sent the interview to kurt but never heard back from him.
    I assumed that perhaps it got lost in the shuffle of his schedule
    (he obviously has a lot going on between travel, teaching, and home life, etc.).
    Perhaps I will try emailing him again.

    this would be cool as well!

  4. patfarlow

    would be a cool way to interact with fans

  5. kurtisrosenwinkel

    if people wanted to do a Skype session q&a id be willing...
    would probably be saying everything you already know though :)
    songs...thats the thing... there thats it!

  6. jazznan

    Hey Kurt, would you ever be interested in doing a video in the style of the premier guitar "rig rundowns"? I don't think that's something you've done

    Many thanks

    Magical rainbow ponies
  7. fakejake


    RIG RUNDOWN !!! Man that would be THE SHIT. Please do something like that!!

    Your signal path, guitars + amps, home studio etc.
    You know we want it!!!

  8. patfarlow

    hello Kurt,
    a skype/ G+ thing would be awesome!

    are you available anytime soon?

    Contact us
  9. novarosa

    i'd be stoked for a skype session q&a, count me in.

  10. madsrh

    Wouldn't it be great if we gathered a shit load of questions from everyone, rather than just the interviewers questions.

  11. aramaya

    I wasn't trying to be a dick when I offered to write the interview...
    The person who had the music of kurt rosenwinkel site said they didn't feel qualified
    to write an interview, so I offered. If i pissed people off by offering and doing it,
    my mistake. I offered to take other people's questions in that post and only received
    one email, and that person's question was integrated into the interview.

    and yes, it would be a far more diverse interview if multiple people put
    their questions together. The Google+ interview would be way cooler and more personal to the fans
    than any interview by a single person.

  12. patfarlow

    @aramaya youre all good man.

    @madsrh the whole point is that this is NOT a regular interview. its actually interactive and in real time. thats why its cool.

  13. Nathan078

    If this interview is going to happen I have two questions for kurt! "What are some good ways you have memorized tunes in the past?" "Do you mix any of your songs from your albums, or do you work with a producer?"

  14. Gesture

    How would that work? The skype interview I mean. Is it 1 on 1 or could we sent in questions in real time?
    Kurt's right I already know pretty much everything about him but maybe I could come up with some interesting questions.

  15. patfarlow

    if you watch the video you can see its more like a conversation.
    thats the difference.

  16. Songs!---got it!
    Same thing Peter Bernstein said in a lesson...might be something to it


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