Kurt Rosenwinkel Inner Urge Video

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  1. where did this video go?!?!?! its got one of the sickest solos i've ever heard kurt play and i cant find it anywhere!! can someone please help!!

  2. 1. are you sure it's gone?

    2. ...is listening to the other amazing footage so terrible?

    i am only kind of kidding. i totally empathize with being obsessed for a time to a particular recording . i
    have watched ( around maybe 50 + times [and when i say this i really try to pretend i have never heard this before] ) allan holdsworth's performance of letters of marque ( specifically from 97 in germany at some festival that has two really bad graffiti rendered images of ears). him and the late and great dave carpenter on bass and gary novak on drums. i find everyone perfect on this. he really gets his holdsworthian trane-flow on this.

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  3. animitta


    Do you mean this one?:

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    Hope it helps.

    All the Best


  4. ...Kirk Rosenwinkel?

  5. Poparad

    Beam me up, Colley.


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