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Kurt Rosenwinkel Mel Bay Book

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  1. jazznan

    Looking forward to the book, where did you see the write up? Awesome!

  2. wommusic
    Key Master

    Sorry to disappoint but the method book is not going to be published anytime soon, and there's no decision yet as to who and how to release it.

  3. Sandemose

    ACT: I love method books and all that, but wouldnt it be a great idea with a video/DVD instead? The 5min clips on youtube, from Mezzo "Solo" or something, is a cool concept that I think would fit Kurt like a glove. I dont have a clue how long it takes to do a 1 hour DVD, probably longer than I think. But to see Kurt play like 3 standards (perhaps with drum/bass) and then only Kurt talking about how to approach and dig in to tune would be awesome. More like a clinic kinda? Speaking of clinics, is there any clinic material filmed that havent been released? I would buy it.



  4. Yeah sorry guys, I emailed wommusic and I got the same answer. :(

    Well, if anything like this did come out I for one, and I'm sure a lot of other guys, would definitely buy it. Even if it was only available from the site here I'd still get it for sure.

  5. hitdoggie

    In regards to clinics, as I don't see this warranting a new thread....

    Kurt is coming here for a clinic. Has anyone ever been to a Kurt clinic? What is the format like and what should I expect. I have a million questions I could ask or I could ask nothing, but to me it depends on the format. Does he come with an agenda for what he's going to talk about?

    I'm pumped...really pumped.

  6. I think a method book could be great. But would Mel Bay be the best publishing house? They made a very sloppy job of the East Coast Love Affair transcriptions. Apparently this was edited by three different people, but mistakes are all through it.

    I would say that the music - and purchasers - deserve better than that rather poor Mel Bay effort.

  7. jazznan

    Better than no book, true...but the Mel Bay ones are awful compared to the Metheny. I agree Hal Leonard does a way better job.

  8. add4

    Hey Anders, any news about the method book yet? ^^ We're all waiting to get some of kurt's insight on music, guitar mechanisms and how to internalize them as deeply as he did.
    I suggest you lock Kurt up in a room for 2 months and only let him get out when it's finished, but it's only a selfish suggestion driven by how much i'm looking forward to that thing, of course ;)

  9. JorgeRubiales

    I wouldn't put my hopes too high, it's just been 9 months...

  10. andyjazz

    Kurt has given a lot of insight into his method/approach to creating music and playing guitar in his clinics, and in interviews.

  11. rovano


    Concerning Mel Bay Compositions Book: I recently analysed the transcription of the piano part in the book of Our Secret World. Unfortunately i found out that at least half of the chord symbols AND voicings were transcribed wrong. So i spent hours and hours to (try) to correct it. That was a very tough job and i can imagine that what i found is still not right the full 100 percent. But i think what i finally ended with does a little better. So actually i was very disappointed to find out that a real big publisher (Mel Bay) is not able to give us some better results.
    Kurt, I'm the guy in Hollnad that asked you to sign his Macbook :) Hopefully you can read this one day, and check Mel Bay's transcription of Our secret World (piano part). If you like, would you take a look at my version of it to correct it, so i can give my students (finally) the right version of it.
    thanks in advance :)


  12. Poparad

    Mel Bay is often hit or miss. I was really irked by a lot of things in their Kurt transcriptions book, especially those piano parts. I mean, there's a voicing on "Our Secret World" for a Gmaj7 chord spelled G B D Gb. Gb? Really?! Some of the enharmonic spellings in there are just so stupid, it's like the book was either never proofread, or the tab was just copied and pasted into the staff part without any consideration for the notes. Another example, the first melody note in Zhivago is a D# over an Eb minor chord. Ugh. I guess I'm just really anal about spelling things so they agree with the harmony, so when other people (like me) try to analyze it, it's not a royal pain to decipher.

  13. JorgeRubiales

    It's not being anal, it's about publishing a well written score. If any of those flaws were commited by a degree student, the score would be filled with red ink...

  14. Timbo

    Not meant as a slight to Kurt, because I know he didn't write the books himself, but the two books which have his name on them right now are absolute garbage. I'm very much looking forward to his harmony book as I believe it was written by Kurt himself.

  15. riverstooge

    I'm with Timbo and a few others on this, the Mel Bay ECLA book is absolutely terrible, no offense to Kurt. The stuff people post for free online is a hundred times better and you can tell people are transcribing it with a passion, not for a paycheck. The compositions book, I thought. was pretty good, especially if you're just getting into Kurt's playing. It's almost impossible to figure out all the parts exactly like he's play them, what positions, voicings, etc. But the ECLA guys weren't even trying I don't think.

    I feel like Kurt's (yet to be released) method book will probably be like Da Vinci's notebooks, lol, just tons of evolving, open-ended thoughts that are complicated in their simplicity and almost impossible to explain. I would however order 10 copies. haha


  16. jazznan

    They're busy building an empire of Grade 1 Method Books. I think they've put out some worthwhile stuff over the years, but I've talked to someone who's written a book for them, and I don't think they make it easy or profitable for the writer either. I actually just bought two books from them that are full of mistakes and suck. I tried calling them and don't even care.

    Note to anyone writing a book: Self-publish, put it on your website as a download and if it's good, word will get out!

  17. vaultnaemsae

    has anybody else noticed the 'Deep Song' tunes in the transcription book are all incorrectly titled?

    The Cloister p.4
    Brook St. p.12
    Cake p. 21
    Deep Song p.28
    If I Should... p.37
    Use of Light p.42
    The Next Step p.48

    Wow, maybe nobody actually looked at the book!


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