Kurt Rosenwinkel Transcriptions

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  1. Neither

  2. nateroberts

    Nice! Thanks a lot. These are great.

    - Nate

  3. jazznan

    I was listening to your music Nate and it sounds great. How do you like the Eastman?

  4. nateroberts

    Thanks a lot jazznan! I love the Eastman. I played a bigger archtop before this for a little while, and while I loved the tone, I'm playing in a big band at school, and I needed something that I could count on to not feedback. The Eastman works perfectly! I LOVE the tone personally that I get out of it, I'm kind of going for the Adam Rogers type of simple, warm legato sound, and I feel like I can get as close to that as my technique will allow me to get. Haha. They're great guitars - haven't played any of their archtops though.

    Thanks again for the comments! I recorded those tunes with a new trio a month or so ago kind of as a demo so we could try to start getting some local gigs if possible. Not as successful as I would have liked but, I'm in the smalltown midwest so . . . who knows.

    - nate

  5. jazznan

    Thanks. I really liked them anyway....what school do you go to?

    Magical rainbow ponies
  6. nateroberts

    I'm a junior in college right now. I spent my first two years at Berklee College of Music in Boston, and this fall I transferred to Hope College in Holland, MI. It's obviously a lot smaller, but the jazz faculty is really great and I've had a lot of cool opportunities. I got to study privately with the Dan and Chris Brubeck, and Mike Demicco this fall, and after winter break, I'll get to study with Fred Hersch, and then in April with Rudresh Mahanthappa's current group (with Rez Abassi on guitar.) It's been great! It's just hard to find gigs because I'm in a small town and there just aren't many venues that want jazz. I'm hoping to start to venture towards Chicago or maybe Detroit, but it's a bit overwhelming and I'm not sure where to begin. Thanks again for the kind words, it's nice to get some positive feedback! :)

    - nate

  7. Sandemose

    A bit off topic perhaps, but when it comes to positve feedback there cant be any wrong with it :)
    Nate: your website is beautiful and you play really great. I had alot of fun looking/listening through it.

    Best, Sandemose

  8. jazznan

    Cool opportunities Nate....take advantage of the time. I always remember something Keith Jarrett said about a lame 'cocktail bar' piano gig he had....and how it forced him to learn all these tunes and how thinking back on it, it might have been the most educational experience he had.

  9. nateroberts

    I think I remember hearing Keith Jarrett talk about that. Is that from the DVD about the Art of Improvisation on Keith's life or whatever? That was pretty inspiring stuff. I've got a solo guitar gig like that right now, I just play solo guitar for 2 hours once a week at this local coffee shop. I'm trying to keep in mind the fact that it will be good for me, but it's pretty challenging to not bore myself and everyone around playing just solo for 2 hours. Haha.

    Sandemose - I saw your video in the other topic, I LOVE your tone. What is your setup, if you don't mind my asking?

    - nate

  10. Gezz

    Some Kurt Rosenwinkel transcriptions on this site

    and many others!


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