Kurt Rosenwinkel Transcriptions

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  1. Itachi12

    Hello guys, me and my group were thinking about playing some Kurt tunes during our gigs.
    The chosen ones were Chords, The Remedy, Flute, Zhivago, Minor Blues and The Next Step.
    The problem is that we can't find any sheet, tablature or anything to help us learning them, and it would be a little long (and tough) to just learn it all by ear.
    Are there any good transcriptions (at least for chords) on the internet of some or all of these tunes? I have the Kurt Rosenwinkel Compositions book that has Zhivago and Minor Blues but they are both really indicative as charts.
    Thanks in advance, cheers


  2. Matt
    Member > learn

  3. arewolfe

    FWIW "minor blues" is pretty easy to transcribe from The Next Step, and it has some killer voicings, especially over the drum solo.


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