Kurt video in Mountreux

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  1. Dorian Grey

  2. jbroad

    i live in the USA and can't

  3. Dorian Grey

    Good news! it's available here: http://www.montreuxjazzlive.com/kurt-rosenwinkel-ruby-my-dear-video

    enjoy :)

  4. Thank you so much for posting this. I check this forum daily, and we all nerd out and care and point out various things to eachother and illuminate various aspects that can potentially help in furthering our development . Sometimes I take this ( place ) for granted and there is an air of complacency around my views or ideas...
    I am very struck and moved by this performance.
    This is not merely amazing .
    Kurt is at such a great place in having a command of himself .

    Magical rainbow ponies
  5. Basile865

    Wow what great cinematography on that. WOM when are you guys going to release a DVD?

  6. fakejake

    Damn, that was nice!! Fantastic playing and great great camarawork!! I'd love to see more of this performance.
    Seriously guys, you should think about doing a live DVD at some point soon. It certainly would sell.
    Also funny how the D'Angelico keeps changing. New neck pickup, wooden pickup rings. vintage style tunomatic bridge, robo-tuners...
    That stuff wasn't on last year.

  7. barolo

    Great playing, of course, but isn't it "Stella..." he's playing?

  8. MLeJazz

    Great Video ,

    Between this concert and Xerox Auditorium I think he play on Axe FX from " Fractal " or something like that , maybe for tours ( it's hard to beat Axe Fx in live condition or for the practical side .... )

    Maybe someone can confirm it ?


  9. patfarlow

    Reminds me of a player piano for some reason

  10. Basile865

    I looked through some of the videos of the other bands and none of its jazz. Why call it a jazz festival?

  11. smoke

    That is astounding. I can't get over how much he sounds like Ted Greene in parts, if you've ever listened to the various Ted lessons floating around. I've never heard anyone pick up on the stuff Ted was doing and next level it.

    Add in the lines, tone, and compositions and you've got the baddest dude on the planet.

    I hope someone somewhere releases all of that performance.


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