kurt w/ orchestra! not his tune tho

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  1. just found these great vids w/ kurt playing w/ an orchestra at the roterdam jazz fest. i guess rodrigo fana is the composer. very classical w/ kurt soloing at times.

    real good!

    part 1

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    part 2
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  2. nateroberts

    Man - this is incredibly great. Thanks for finding it.

    - nate

    Magical rainbow ponies
  3. jazznan

    I pretty much can't stand orchestra's with jazz soloists, i'm really, really skeptical. I've never heard anyone do it successfully. There's so much jazz coming out that's "adult contemporary" music, what's with all this??? I don't get it, sounds like film music gone wrong. bah hum bug!

  4. Matt

    anything is cool with me.

    i haven;t listened extensively, but it's decent.

  5. Sandemose

    jazznan: I get your point, but remember, music have sounded like this long before it made its way into film. I pretty much liked the music, even if Im also sceptical to orchestra/jazz soloist format. Didnt Bill Evans record with orchestra..?

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    Thats a nice one :)

    Best, Sandemose

  6. Alvin


    Would please somebody tell me more about Rodrigo Faina!


  7. jazznan

    this is just personal taste and opinion, but although I love Bill Evan's and Kurt's playing, with an orchestra I think it sounds ridiculous. It's the worst of both things, especially recorded. Live, I might be able to tolerate it, simply because of the joy of watching a bunch of people hopefully having a good time....oh well, glad you guys like it.


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