Kurt with Axe FX II

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  1. steinny

    I can't remember if this has been posted here, but here is a close-up shot of Kurt's live rig at the Kimmel Center:

    Note he appears to be monitoring through two Atomic CLRs, so presumably he has done away with the twins.

    Kurt, if you are out there, how are you liking this rig? Does it work as a replacement for the twins?


    Magical rainbow ponies
  2. bingefeller

    Would love to hear more about this from the master! Maybe a nice gear video :)

  3. jorgemg1984

    I am very curious with modelling. I wish they did a small factor axe fx... a rack is too big to carry.

  4. Poparad

    The 2U sized AxeFX is smaller than most amp heads and combos. I've got mine in a portable rack bag and it's extremely convenient for gigging. Just sling it over my shoulder (less than 20 lbs), and I'm good to go.

  5. bingefeller

    Jorge, just to follow up on what Poparad said here, my friend has the AxeFX and a Peavey IPR Power Amp in a small rack unit and it's very, very light (the Peavey unit is really, really light!). He also has a bad that he puts it into when he's playing a gig and finds no problems with transportation. You shouldn't be put off if you think it would be hard to transport around. :)


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