Kurt, would you offer skype lessons?

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  1. minty

    Hi Kurt, would you consider offering skype lessons?

    Or maybe not at the moment?

    Many thanks ..

  2. JorgeRubiales

    I don't think Kurt is able to do that. Can you imagine how many people would ask for lessons, around the world?

    AFAIK, the only way to study with him is going to the school where he teaches, in Berlin.

  3. patfarlow

    He is able to do it.
    He doesn't have to accept every request just those he has time for. Some would pay $100/hr.
    Seems like a pretty obvious yes here.

    He may be successful but everyone needs to save cash for retirement. This would be a wise long term investment.

  4. JorgeRubiales

    I don't want or can speak for Kurt, but he already has a "day job" teaching, plus he tours every year, and the guy has a family. If he has time to teach the most obvious way to do it is to extend his hours at the school in Berlin.

    Plus, I think it's probable that he has signed a contract that doesn't allow him to teach privately while working for the school...

    Don't misunderstand me, I would be the first interested in case he offered lessons over the net, but it's been said in this forum that he already has a tight schedule (that's why we are still waiting for his harmony book).


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