Kurt's amp these days

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  1. DD

    Does anyone know what amp Kurt uses these days?

    I thought he always used Polytone amps but in a recent interview with him, I read that he switched to tube amps. He didn't say what tube amp though.


  2. jazzbum

    When I saw him in 2008 he was playing through a Twin Reverb, as far as I know that or similar is his amp of choice.

  3. david6strings

    i don't think he really uses polytone on live playing but i don't know. twins and similar seems to be like the home amp the club or theater put there to him. anybody knows about the no cover neck humbucker in his d'angelico? seems like he has done a mod in his main guitar

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  4. andyjazz

    its a semour duncan '59.

  5. cruxtable

    what's this about no cover neck humbucker in the d'angelico? a seymour duncan '59?

    i don't know anything about pickups. but i have the d'angelico and looking around at pics of him with the guitar, the pickups look exactly the same as mine. can anyone shed some light on this?

  6. andyjazz

    yeah, he changed the pickup about a year ago.

  7. david6strings

    thanx andy for the light u put on there

  8. Vilibald

    Kurt asks for Fender Twin Reverb in his rider, preferably Balck Face. He accepts the new reissue as well... I did the interview David is talking about here above, he likes the open and wider sound of tubes.

  9. cruxtable

    seymour duncan '59 - just wondering if you know if there's a specific model of that? i don't know pickups very well

  10. mretfaster

    I have seen kurt a dozen times in the past few years, only seeing him use twin reverbs. I thought he only used blackfaces, but he also used the 70's model silverfaces.

  11. DGP

    When I saw him in Cambridge a couple weeks ago he was using the Twin Reverb mretfaster talks about. Same with his Vanguard gig in January.

  12. zeediddy23

    David, he pulled the cover off the neck pickup because he was hitting it with his pick and he didn't like the sound.


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