Kurt's approach to immprovising with 4-note-per-string scales

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  1. Dioxic

    Hey guys,

    I've been studying the use of 4NPS scales in jazz music lately and I've heard that Kurt uses them a lot and it's one of his visible Holdsworthian influences. I'm not too familiar with his work, but could any of you point to some specific places in tunes I might hear Kurt's approach to phrasing with 4NPS scales so that I might transcribe them?


  2. Din

    I think that in jazz you don't think too much about how many notes per string you're playing. AH does, and in metal music they do a lot too.
    There may be some places where KR played 4 nps stuff, but I bet he didn't practiced or thought about it.

  3. fakejake

    I tend to disagree... I don't know how much he uses actually 4 notes per string patterns, but if he does I'm pretty sure he practiced them a lot. From what I've seen in his clinics, Kurt is quite aware of the technical aspects of (his) guitar playing. I've talked to students of his, and they told me he works alot on technique with them as well.
    One place he certainly uses 4 and even 5 notes per string patterns is when he place scales horizontically across the whole neck. 5 notes per string (doing a slide whenever there is a halfnote) is the only way you get from the lowest E the the highest D in a fluid way.

  4. AmoryRaymond

    Thanks fakejake. That's a perfect exercise for lateral movement.

  5. geetarted


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