Kurt's Chord Melody Style on Gdansk Video

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  1. bingefeller

    This may seem like a basic question but I will ask it anway:

    I'm sure you all have seen the Gdansk clinic on Youtube (it is like the holy grail of Kurt lesson for me).

    When Kurt is talking about chord melody he mentions how he plays the 1-7 or the 5 - 3 of each chord. My question is - what is your are playing a minor 9 chord or a dom7#5 chord? Where do you go with that?

    Thank you!

  2. Raise the 5th on dominant 7.
    Cmin9 has Ebmaj7 in it.

  3. bingefeller

    Thanks for the reply. I was just giving those chords as an example. Can't advice on how I can apply the 1 - 7 and 5 - 3 principle to any chord?

  4. madsrh

    Here's a chord catalog of the voicings here: http://themusicofkurtrosenwinkel.blogspot.com/2012/11/17-53-exercise.html



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