Kurt's chords?

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  1. jazznan

  2. mds90

    I know this (as I have just write once):
    6-7-x-7-7-5 played with the thumb for the sixth string. you can use this for E half diminished, for F#7alt, for Gm13(maj7)! you can try this on other roots and see if you like it!
    Kurt says that often he likes to put fingers randomly on fretboard with some open strings and then try to judge the sound and keep some new chords from that. I see him doing that and then playing Darn That Dream using one of them very often!

  3. Quintricacy

    I've been meaning to transcribe some chord stuff but I keep forgetting. I really love his voicings on Mark Turner's Dharma Days.

  4. I love EVERYTHING about Mark Turner's Dharma Days


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