Kurt's Firebird

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  1. fakejake

    There is a picture of Kurt holding a Gibson Firebird in the MelBay 'Compositions' book. Anybody knows if he played that one on any available recordings?
    Also, has anyone here played a Firebird yet? The neck goes all the way through the body, which should give it loads of sustain and what Kurt calls 'strong tone'. Looking cool as well, so I'm getting curious...

  2. JorgeRubiales

    I can't find that picture, are you sure it's in the book?

    As for Kurt using it, I don't know...we know he likes semihollows, but a solid body is a different animal...

  3. fakejake

    It is on page 41, 'in courtesy of Anders Chan-Tidemann', so probably already from his WOM days. Couldn't find it on the internet though...
    Anders or Kurt: Could you provide some info on that beautiful yet unusual gear choice?

  4. themawt71

    i seem to remember reading somewhere that that picture was taken from a brian blade recording session.


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