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Kurt's gear

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  1. I've seen Kurt with several different guitars (Moffas, a Gibson 335, and the Sadowsky semi-hollow) over time on youtube and was wondering what his rig actually consists of these days! Maybe he just likes to change it up? :)

  2. carlescountry

    ... And D'Angelico semihollow. I am very interested in to know the opinion of Kurt Rosenwinkel between the difference in sound between the D'Angelico semi and Sadowsky semi . Thank you.

  3. 111

    Does anyone know if he has foam in the soundholes on the D'Angelico? I can't tell. I plan on seeing him live in Toronto or Buffalo and hope to see how he manages feedback. If anyone has any idea, I'd appreciate some feedback. Thanks!

  4. Sandemose

    It was very long since I saw Kurt. Stockholm 2004 I think. One of the best concerts Ive ever seen. Cant remember if it was that loud, quite perhaps, but I cant remember. Would really like to know how hard the amplifier works and how much is cranked via the PA. Best, and thanks for bringing up this topic, really intresting.


  5. denjz

    I saw Kurt in Eilat in late August.He used this axe:

    Although this was a big concert outside and Kurt played with quite a bit of distortion,I didn't notice any foam in the soundholes.And this is a fully hollow design,no center block,so...Probably it wasn't all that loud onstage...

    Another interesting fact: I saw Kurt the same night on the jam session.He played an es-175 through Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. Guess what? The signature Rosenwinkel sound was right there!

  6. cruxtable

    111: i have the same d'angelico guitar, and the foam really isn't necessary - i've never had feedback at all with this guitar. i think usually that's the case in semihollow guitars, though i haven't played too many of them.

  7. 111

    Sorry, I meant to refer to the Moffa guitar...

  8. jbyrd123

    Hi, Kurt (or anyone who can answer this):
    In some online video, unless I'm mistaken, I noticed blue painters tape across half of the bridge pickup
    on the red 335. Is this for purely mechanical reasons (i.e., to hold the humbucker in place b/c of loose screws, to stop a rattle, etc.)
    or is the tape used to change the tone in some way? Thanks.

  9. denjz

    I saw that blue tape too,although on the neck pickup.I thought maybe the pickups are set very high so that the pick sometimes touches the pickup and makes noise.Maybe the tape prevents that noise...
    It's just a guess though...

  10. jbyrd123

    Thanks, Denjz. You're right that it was the neck PU. I mistyped.
    That's a good guess about pick noise. I imagine it's something simple like that. Just curious.

  11. lubo

    hey guys, Kurt uses 'Harry Colby-modified Fender Twin Reverb amplifier' does anybody know, how is that amp modified?

  12. c0ltrane

    Would anyone happen to know what octave divider pedal Kurt has been using lately in some of his solo introductions? Sounds like its set only n the low E string.

  13. geetarted

    I use the Boss OC-3 and on the poly setting you can get only the bottom string down an octave. It's prob what he uses.?. check it out.

  14. lubo

    What about just tuning the guitar differently? Thats his "octave divider" I think.

  15. I'm all about Kurt and his gear.
    He's using a h o g for an octave sound. He used it a bit at the vanguad when he played with d'angelo in their.quartet.
    He is also using the boss octave pedal. It's set to the Low strings I think. He just doesn't play anything but the low e as the octafied note. He stays away from the others.
    Also he's using the hog for it's freeZe function and he still rocks many delays including multiple eventides.

  16. arewolfe

    I have to ask a stupid question, but I'm almost positive my friend is wrong:

    A friend of mine who is a gear-whore / equipment nerd told me KR's D'Angelico guitar is one of the original models made by D'Angelico himself... aka that it's a $20,000 - $40,000 instrument. I always figured it was one of the newer models ($2,000 - $3,000 retail). I don't think NYSS-3 was even a model while D'Angelico was living, correct?

    My friend is full of it, right?

  17. jorgemg1984

    I am almost sure Kurt has an Asian one...

  18. JorgeRubiales

    D'angelico never made semi-hollow guitars. Kurt is using a vestax d'angelico, about $4k. Definitely better than the koreans made and sold now by Hale and others. Not bad guitars, but if you're after one, better try other options or save for the Japanese vestax

  19. PaoloBach

    What guitar was Kurt using at the Kennedy Center Honors award?

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  20. kurtisrosenwinkel

    the guitar is called a "Westville" made by Masaki Nishimura in Tokyo. It is excellent, I love it.

  21. PaoloBach

    Thank you for your reply Kurt, it seems to be an exact copy of your D'Angelico and I wondered who made it.


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