Kurt's gig tonight

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  1. guitarmo

    Contact us
  2. egav

    I think out of respect for the guys, keep it to yourself, or get permission from him before you upload it. They're gonna be releasing the material on an actual album.

  3. contremisart

    I think otherwise. If anything those videos will lead, I am sure it will be buying the album and wanting for more.

  4. gleepglop

    Regardless of what you think, it should be Kurt's call if he wants them shared or not.

  5. egav

    Exactly, the club has a policy of no recordings as well. I myself usually take recordings of all shows I go to for analysis and transcription, as I did with the Bernstein night, but I rather not share because of club policy, intellectual property of the artist, as well as just out of respect to the guys who played the music. I'd say wait to see if Kurt sees this and gives you an ok.

  6. contremisart

    I think the smalls does it best. they record and put it to their website :)

  7. kurtisrosenwinkel

    please do not share recordings of this week. ordinarily i would be ok with it but since this week was recorded for the purpose of making an album i would appreciate letting me put it out there.

    thank you,


  8. guitarmo

    No problem Kurt, I will keep the recordings to myself. Can't wait for the official release!

    All the best,

  9. Chris


    Please consider releasing "Some Other Blues" from the first set of Aaron Burnett, on Thursday. I would love to hear that again! Thanks for an incredible week of music


  10. sweetdeat

    Guitarmo! Always causin' trouble :)

  11. JPMike

    Where I can find the official release to buy it when it will come out???

    I have been searching around the web, but nothing. :( ANy help?

  12. contremisart

    patience mike, patience :)

  13. wommusic
    Key Master

    Hey JPMike - all Kurt's (Wommusic) albums are available here: http://www.wommusic.com/shop/index.php


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