Kurt's intro on 'Round Midnight

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  1. igor.blomberg

    I have learnt most of Kurt's intro to 'Round Midnight on East Coast Love Affair, except for the last chords before the head starts. He starts with some kind of E7, but I can't really get the rest. Can someone help me out?

  2. im doing this from youtube and the baby is still up so its hard to get everything now. also, its tough for me to discern between delay and a softer secondary attack. i wont deal with the rhythm but here is my guess as to what happens after the E7if you've been checking this out a bunch then perhaps some of this may be helpful.
    •d on( g string)
    •minor 3rds ( on highest strings [GbBb sliding to FA}
    •Ebmaj7: from on lowest 4 strings (low to high: Bb,Eb,G,D)
    •Bbmaj7#5: middle finger Bb on low E, A D F#( on strings 234 with ring finger ); later swapping out #5 for 13(G with pinky on strng2 )and then adding A on high E to this with first finger
    •then( it feels like) Ebmaj7 (the typical middle 4 string root position drop 2 of: (low to high)Eb Bb D G, using 1st 3rd 2nd 4th fingers; only there is the Bb on the low E ( i feel like this is done with a barre of 1st finger but i have seen him curl his thumb over the top and he could be doing this too). however i feel its the barre because after a couple times ( again kind of muddled on youtube or my mind) the G is no longer the highest voice-instead the Bb on the high E appears in this chord. during this i hear a very faint proof that low Bb has been released from the bottom of the voicing and an almost muted low E appears instead.
    • finally, B7#5#9 ( with its tritone the low E in the bass appears... voiced : open low E and ( from low to high on the highest 4 strings- using fingers1 22 4) Ab D F# C# happens before the band and melody kick in.
    this is my guess of some of the chords involved and not in any way an attempt at an accurate run down, just a brief thing with no rhythm. hopefully this helps somewhat.
    i need to get his albums again! i used to have this.




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