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Kurt's latest pedal chain..can you ID these pedals?

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  1. jamacy77

    Dear Pedal Experts,

    I just saw Kurt playing at the Regatta Bar in Cambridge, MA and I was impressed with his sound.
    I took some pictures but I was a little shy to get closer to the pedals to get the brand names and the way he sets up the knobs ;-)

    What was the most impressive thing was his sustained sound (sometimes with an overdrive....maybe the red pedal with two switches and 3 blue lights). He was soloing and sometimes playing chords, and, even with the overdrive they sounded so clean!

    I was very impressed!

    Here are the pics:




    Amp settings...with two inputs being used:


    Can anyone identify the pedals??


    Magical rainbow ponies
  2. jamacy77

    I found the last one of the chain!

    It's a WET Stereo Reverb by Neunaber Technology. He was using it in mono.

  3. fakejake

    Interesting, he's feeding his signal into both channels of the Twin. The big cable going into the vibrato channel could be his vocal signal?

  4. Benny

    Photo 1:
    Digitech Vocalist
    Thegigrig HumDinger
    Rockett Allan Holdsworth boost/overdrive
    Empress ParaEQ
    Strymon Mobius

    Photo 2:
    Strymon Mobius
    Strymon Timeline
    Neubauer WET Stereo

    Photo 3:
    Thegigrig Generator power supply

  5. Gaquino

    So vintage rat is gone... maybe it will back?

    Contact us
  6. jamacy77

    that was fast! thanks, Benny

  7. Gia5

    Kurt Rosenwinkel is the only jazz guitarist that comes to my mind that has built his evolution in many different way. And being a fan from the 90's, it's a path you can follow. But the greatness is in these details: I remember when he used the Lexicon reverb unit, the Rat, the Polytone, that dark, unique sound that made me fall in love with his music...and now, that everything is changed, I can still hear his sound, his vision. Yes it's different, clearer, but always DEEP and always "Kurtish". I don't know any of these pedals, but I'm kinda convinced that the man could get a good tone from a chain of low price digitech stompboxes :)

  8. fakejake

    I believe Kurt is as much a gear geek as most of us guitar players. The reason why he keeps changing his pedals might be just because he loves to try new stuff, not because the new pedals sound that much different or better than the old ones. Its just a fun thing to play around with.

  9. This is just a guess , but perhaps some manufacturers might give pedals to an artist ( of Kurt's stature ) solely for the hope of further promoting their product . I suspect its possible to write off pedals as a tool aswell. For non professional musicians that don't have a lot of expendable income, getting too into gear may prove prohibitively expensive.

  10. ...Keep in mind, I will also say if Kurt was handed a child's guitar that was beat up and missing strings he would SURELY make the most beautiful shit you ever heard.

  11. Hanno

    Hi, thanks for the photos. What is the pedal between the HumDinger and the Rockett Allan Holdsworth?

  12. jorgemg1984

    I would love to hear Kurt's opinion on the WET vs the Blue Sky actually. Everyone rates the WET very high but every clip I hear it always sounds too ambient... With the new delay out you can use it as a reverb or a delay, that's actually brilliant.

  13. jamacy77

    I'd be curious to know if anyone has already tried the Rockett - Allan-Holdsworth Overdrive-Boost pedal?

  14. axis

    I think the small red pedal between the HumDinger and the Rockett Allan Holdsworth could be the "Lozett" from loopersparadise.de, it's a buffer/booster.
    In the pictures of the post "Regattabar show pics" the labels on the pedal looks different than in the loopersparadise website, but some looks similar (this pedal is handmade, so the labels could differ).

  15. Hanno

    It seems to be the "Secret Weapon" by tonemaster. But it looks very similar. Maybe they use the same cirquit.

  16. Benny

    I'd be curious to know if anyone has already tried the Rockett - Allan-Holdsworth Overdrive-Boost pedal?

    I have the Rockett Holdsworth pedal and really like it. Contrary to what you might expect from a Holdsworth signature pedal, the OD side is VERY low gain - you need to kick the boost side into it if you want to get into that smooth legato territory.
    There are some good demonstrations on YouTube:

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  17. jamacy77

    Thanks, Benny!

    Just received mine and can'r wait to play with it!

  18. It's definitely the tonemaster Secret Weapon. I saw him do a show recently as well and I got a close look at that. The rest of them are correctly ID'd.


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