Kurt's new album

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  1. denjz

    I went to a clinic with Kurt yesterday and he gave a "sneak preview" of a new album he's about to release later this year -he played a few tracks off his ipod. He said it's not mixed yet and will sound much better when it's finished, but... man, this is gonna be one great great album! The music was so good that when he played the title track I couldn't stop smiling during the whole piece. Actually as I'm writing this right now I have goosebumps - just from trying to remember that song :-)

  2. Neither

    Is it a solo, trio, quartet or ? Do you know who played with Kurt ? Can you describe the few tracks you listened to ?
    Thanks for this post.

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  3. denjz

    It's some sort of Heartcore-2 where Kurt plays many instruments himself.

  4. Neither

    Ok, so it may be the "Heartcore 2" album ! thanks.

  5. guitarmo

    Oh the hype begins!!!!!!!!!

  6. Lasse S

    I've heard some tracks from the new album, and i guarantee that it will blow people's minds ... it's so fresh and vibrant!!

  7. guitar1025

    I'm excited.

    I remember when "Heartcore" came out. I was at a completely different place in my development as a musician and I didn't really "get it." It's only been maybe about 6 months/a year that I've grown to really appreciate and love that album.

  8. arewolfe

    YES!! About 6 years ago on a radio interview before a Regatta Bar gig in Cambridge, Kurt mentioned he'd like to do a sort of "Heartcore 2" album at some point. I've been anticipating this ever since. Heartcore epitomizes my entire life between age 19 and 20 when I was in music school. I think that record was on repeat in my Sony Discman for 2 years straight until Deep Song came out. Lots of memories and emotions get summoned up every time I listen to it. The atmosphere on that record and texture/tone of the guitar solos has made it one of my favorite records ever.

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  9. Poparad

    Great news! I loved that album and have been hoping to hear where he would take that idea next. It's something that's so ripe for development with so many fresh possibilities.

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  10. ruffus

    HELL YEA!!!!! I can't wait for it! Heartcore was a masterpiece and I can say shameless that it changed my life.


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