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Kurts new amp and cab.

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  1. portcityamps

    Hi guys. Yesterday I finished the amp for Kurt. We met two months ago and tweaked the Pearl to his liking. Additionally he wanted a second channel with two inputs. Kurt always tilts his amp back so we added tilt back legs and piggy back straps for the head. You can see the photos of the amp and cab at:

    Kurt will be using this starting Tuesday at the Jazz Standard. I am flying up Monday to get everything set up with the amp and his pedalboard. I will be at the show Tuesday night. If any of you are going to be there please try and find me. (I will be wearing a Port City shirt.)


  2. jorgemg1984

    Awesome Daniel, I bet it sounds amazing! I cannot see the photo, don't know why... anything wrong with the link?

  3. portcityamps

    Try this:

  4. Benny

    Hi Daniel
    Still can't get to your Facebook page. The above links just take me to my FB homepage. The FB link through the Port City website seems dead too.

  5. portcityamps

  6. Benny

    Thanks Daniel, can see those photos.

    Curious about the two channel setup: one clean and one dirty or two differently voiced clean channels? What are the differences (if any) between the two inputs on Channel 2?

    PS: (Geek request here) Some clear shots of Kurt's current pedal setup would be great!

  7. jorgemg1984

    Looks great Daniel! The only thing I would change are the control pots :)

    Two questions:

    1) How does the head stays attachead to the head when tilted?

    2) What speakers ended up in the cab?


  8. portcityamps

    The two channels are voiced different. The first is Kurts MEGA Mid mod. The second is the standard Pearl tone stack. This is for his vocal harmony signal. I may end up changing the tone stack with the Mega Mid mod if Kurt wants it.

    I will see if I can get a good shot of Kurts current pedalboard.

    The head stays attached using the Fender piggyback clip system. You can see the parts here:

    The speakers are the WGS ET-65s. They are their version of the Celestions G12-65 speaker. But they sound WAY better in my opinion.

  9. jorgemg1984

    I've always wanted to try that speaker but right now I am happy with the EV / Tornados I have. Good to know they are good for jazz, WGS has a large reputation for making better and cheaper Celestions.

    Thanks for all the info Daniel!

  10. JPMike

    That's quite amazing news, are you going to release a signature PC KR amp head or combo in the market??

  11. portcityamps

    I think at this point I will offer the two channel Pearl as on option with the Kurt Mega Mid mod.

  12. JPMike

    To be honest, If I am going to get one of these, since, I am a KR fan, I would like to to say "Kurt Rosenwinkel Model" on it.

  13. portcityamps

    That can be arranged.


  14. add4


    I'm very curious about that 'MEGA mid mod' that you did..
    would it be possible to have some informations about it?
    what frequencies are boosted, what is the width of the peak?

    I'd love to have a graphical display of the EQ, or maybe, if you're using a 'classical' (fender, bandaxall, james) tone stack, the values of the components so i can make the graph with the duncan tone stack calculator. If that's not revealing too much about yoru amps, of course

    Thanks in advance

  15. jorgemg1984

    Hi Arnaud,

    I am also curious about this - Daniel told me the original desgin is Twin / Dumble inspired so I bet it's a standard Fender TMB tone stack with Daniel's own values. I am not sure if he just added some mids to the original design or if he went to a Baxandall EQ which I guess would automatically give a lot more mids (and it would be like the Polytones Kurt likes so much).

    I would love to have Daniel's tone stack info and values but I think he would prefer to keep that to himself - let's hope not :)

  16. portcityamps

    The mod has additional circuitry that does not show up in the Duncan tone stack calculator. The main reason for that is that the added circuitry is additional to the tone stack.


  17. add4

    Thanks for the information.
    Would you share the frequency that are enhanced? i'd love to have this information.

  18. portcityamps


  19. carlescountry

    More information about the concert of Kurt with his new amp, please!

    Any picture of your pedalboard?

  20. jorgemg1984

    [+] Embed the video | Video DownloadGet the Flash Video

    [+] Embed the video | Video DownloadGet the Flash Video

  21. jorgemg1984

    By the way, is that the Moffa?

  22. add4

    Hi Daniel,
    Just wanted to shout you a thank you for the informations!

    Wish you success with your business and passion

  23. LeonardoB

    The guitar in the second video is definitely NOT a Moffa. I couldn't figure out what it is, though..


  24. contremisart

    Looks like a D'angelico headstock

  25. jorgemg1984

    Maybe Kurt will see this and tell us what guitar it is...

  26. contremisart

    If only I studied guitar instead of drooling on gear :)

  27. jorgemg1984

    Ha ha still practice a lot but I do like taking small breaks and do some gear drroling :)

  28. jorgemg1984

    So I have an Henriksen amp head which is completely flat with the controls at noon. I am cutting bass below 75hz and trevle above 5k with shelving eq's and making a narrow Q cut on 700hz with parametric eq. I still had one band free on the parametric eq and tried a small boost with a narrow Q in the 500hz as Daniel said above. It sounds great! Very fat but not piercing (which is exactly Kurt's sound to me). Thanks for sharing that!


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