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Kurt's New Guitar on the 36th Kennedy Annual Awards?

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  1. JPMike

  2. Gesture

    Kurt & Snoop on the same stage? WHAT!?

  3. smoke

    Kurt has had a ballin' year. Clapton, Holdsworth, Obama, Herbie, Snoop. Dude killed it this year.

  4. JPMike

    Kurt is a Baller!!!

  5. clebergf

    Very nice!!

    I really wish a full concert from Kurt in video....

  6. Alvin

    Yeah, respect for achieving so much!
    And also respect for the fact that it must have been a very difficult performance situation to begin with... And the result was niiicce! :)

  7. bgil89

    The headstock seems like its the same style as a Moffa. Really nice guitar

  8. steinny

    According to Wommusic on Kurt's facebook page: "It is indeed a new guitar - one that Kurt was given in Japan when he was there with the Bad Plus in November . . . This is not a Moffa guitar - Moffa is from Italy, this guitar is from Japan."

    Possible sig model in the works?


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