Kurt's old Moffa for sale on ebay

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  1. steinny

  2. fakejake

    I wonder whats wrong with that guitar... Kurt returned it back to Nico Moffa, second owner sold it again, now third owner sells it?

  3. steinny

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with it...I'm actually not sure that I want to sell it, but I got "GAS" for an exotic custom-ordered instrument, so it may have to go. The prior owner had a bunch of guitars and apparently just didn't play it that much, no idea why Kurt let it go, though note he has at least three other custom Moffas. My guess is he may have found he didn't use the piezo/midi that much and didn't want the extra weight.

  4. fakejake

    Do you find that piezo useful for playing Jazz? How does it (the piezo pu) sound? Sort of like a flattop acoustic sound?

  5. steinny

    I actually haven't used the piezo at all, just the midi pickup. Personally I'm not a fan of piezos in electric guitars, but it could be useful with something like a vguitar system that would let you simulate an acoustic if you needed that for a gig...

  6. contremisart

    I would buy it if I was living in the states. Damn that's a great piece

  7. steinny

    Hi all, this is up for sale again:

    Feel free to make an offer.


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