Kurt's orange cable? Vovox questions

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  1. Will

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  2. jbroad

    i have a 12" vovox sonorus cable and it sounds fantastic. one of my friends has the sonorus with the neutrik jack. just call or email mark at lava cable and ask him if he can make one. there are people who think that the length of the cable makes a huge difference. for instance, scott henderson currently endorses an xotic cable that is 4.5 feet in length and he says that he can hear the difference between that cable and one that is just a few feet longer. i've compared my 12" sonorus to a 4" sonorus and can't tell a difference but different strokes. i think as long as you keep it under 20" you should be fine.

  3. Will

    Thanks a lot jbroad!

    So does anyone know what Kurt's orange cable is?


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