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  1. Hi guys.
    Does anybody have any idea how Kurt pulls of those extremely pianistic and blazing descending half/whole runs over V chords?
    Listen to Epiphany on Intuit to see what I mean - he does a brief one at 0:29 coming into the second A section of the head and then he does a longer run at the very end of his solo at 3:58.
    He must be using pull-offs but I can't grasp how he makes it sound so fluid - almost like it's all done on one string..... which it obviously isn't!

    Magical rainbow ponies
  2. callum

    Sounds like whole tone to me. Could be 3 note per string, only plucking the first note on each string and pulling the second 2 off?

  3. Gesture

    The notes are going so fast I can't really tell what scale it is. Hearing some whole tone too. It might not even be one scale maybe it's just some outside sounding scales/chromatics combined in a pattern that's easy to play. I have no clue how he pulls it off tho.

    Any tips Kurt??

  4. patfarlow

    he uses a lot of legato

  5. Gesture

    You don't say...

  6. callum


    There is a good example at 44:25

  7. patfarlow

    dont over think it

  8. Thanks guys. Callum was right - it is WT played 3 notes per string. I found a transcription that confirmed this.


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