Kurt's Solo on Season of Changes

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  1. Hey Everyone! I'm transcribing Kurt's solo on Season of Changes for a jazz theory and transcription class in college, and there is one line I'm having a lot of trouble hearing. It's from 4:46-4:52, and I believe it starts ascending with 2 octaves of an Ab dorian starting from the root, but a) I'm not sure how accurate that is and b) I definitely can't tell the rhythm. If anybody knows what this is/has a transcription I could check this part out with, that would be so wonderful. Thanks so much!

  2. arewolfe

    What are you using for the time signature in the transcription?

  3. It switches from 3/4 to 4/4 so it kind of depends on where. Also, to note I'm really just learning the solo, I'm not really transcribing it in the sense of writing it down

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