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  1. Hi everyone. I'm wondering if you can help me figure out which pedal exactly produces one easily discernible effect that kurt often uses. It can be heard all throughout east coast love affair and intuit. Listen to the melody on "turn out the stars", it's a sort of crackling, vibrating sound. Anyone know exactly what it is?

  2. cruxtable

    i think i might know what sound you're talking about, it's a subtle thing but i'm pretty sure (if we're talking about the same thing) you can't get that sound with a pedal, it depends on the guitar, the way it's set up...it could be the strings vibrating against a fret or something like that. usually that's something people try to avoid, but i'm not sure exactly what the deal is with that sound happening on kurt's guitar...

  3. are you sure? because i hear kreisberg get it on his most recent album also, night songs. It seems to be a trademark of some of the new school guitarists (or at least of rosenwinkel rip offs).

  4. add4

    I just saw this video of kurt doing a masterclass (i can't find it anymore, but it's not the one with the pentatonic discussion). In this video he talks about how he would spend time on careful tweaking of his pickups height and would use the screws on the pickups to adjust the volume of each string so they're balanced.
    I remembered that last night when i was not satisfied with the sound of my guitar and messed a bit with the general pickup height first, then on the individual screws for the strings.
    i basically lifted up my pickups to have more 'thump' on the sound, and noticed that when they are a bit too high you get a subtle effect in the sound. I think that is close of the sound you identified.
    That is usually something that people want to avoid, but i myself liked my sound better like that (i'll have to wait for next time i'll plug my guitar to see if i still like it :) )
    You might want to experiment with that a bit and if you do, i'll be curious about your opinion about that.

  5. Sandemose

    add4. What masterclass video is that? Never seen it, its on youtube?

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  6. add4, that sounds promising, I will definitely check that out today and get back to you. Meanwhile though, anybody else have guesses?

  7. add4

    Hi sandemose,
    It was on youtube yesterday, couldn't find it today ...
    i'll try to look again. it was a masterclass in 5 parts if i remember correctly. i'll try to find it again. i have no idea why it would have dissapeared like that.

  8. hitdoggie

    I saw the masterclass last night too. It must have been pulled, probably wasn't supposed to be filmed. There was a great solo piece at the end!

    If you go to high with those screws does not the magnet mess with string vibration and pull your note out of tune?

  9. kurtisrosenwinkel

    yo, i think i know what you are talking about. and its because you mentioned kreisberg that i realized what it is, because last time i saw him i noticed that he was using a lexicon lxp-1 reverb, which is what is giving this crackling thing youre talking about. you can set the input volume so that when you are playing in the high register and playing hard, it clips the input to the reverb and produces what in my opinion is a very musical crackle. i used to set this on purpose to get this sound because to my ears it emulated the sound of strain that saxophonists get when they are playing in the high register.
    from me to you...

  10. Colonel Trane

    That's pretty interesting. I've always liked that saxophone sound you're talking about but it's hard to get that to transfer to guitar.

  11. hitdoggie

    I wonder if that is what I called the "fireworks effect" that I was quite certain I was hearing on the Jakob Dinesen album "Everything Will Be Alright?" It was a really subtle crackle.

  12. Hi, what about the guitar amp you're using? I know Kurt is on with fender tube amps (or the likes) but what are you using in terms of sound and "portability". Polytone?
    Any suggestion about any good and small amp to carry around with a full and round voice?
    Thanks in advance.

  13. polytone is great. I have a minibrute II, and it gives a very warm, round, articulate sound. Single notes can always cut through the mix, but its chordal playing that sounds best on them I think because of they way each voice meshes together. I play through an es 175 from the 50's and the amp has always given me basically the sound I was looking for, think jim hall but maybe a little brighter and probably harsher because my touch isn't as good as his.


  14. monk

    Kurt, thanks for sharing .. you're just a great man living in this world

  15. steepcreeks

    Is this the same as a touch of "rasp" like what you hear with vocalists such as Carmen McRae

  16. david6strings

    pascau smith 1 of the forum guys have a great sound like video

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    how the hell it's done to get that marvellous sound

  17. JorgeRubiales

    He was testing a compression pedal, so...


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