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  2. fakejake

    Hello everybody,
    yeah, I was wondering about that too. Dig the brown one with the blue pattern.
    I was checking through different web shops, but I haven't found something similar yet

  3. JPMike

    I was doing a search around so I could find something, but nothing.

    Anyone has an idea of where to find some of his nice straps??

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  4. Hi. Not necessarily interested in his strap per se. I can't really recall it. Is it pretty or functionally rad or both. However I have been looking for a new strap . Taking my time as I really don't need to stand all that much and what I have works. I have been imagining some nervy mousepad materialish thing though... Any tips?

  5. gleepglop

    Don't know what Kurt uses, but this is one of the best straps I've found:


    A bit pricey, but super nice and comfortable especially for those long gigs.

  6. mretfasterer

    I use their 4-inch wide ones. They often have limited-run specials, a la completely sued, or completely smooth leather, or special colors, etc.
    Good stuff!

    Also, I dig
    SLAMMIN' material and feel. Pricey, perhaps, but MAN these feel great!

  7. wilmore


  8. The leather ones are classics and beautiful.
    However, I feel my self gravitating more towards function and comfort ( wow... My dad would be pretty proud). What I was initially having the hunch towards and pursued was neoprene. I found these:


    Also , although I'm not vegetarian yet feeling like going back to it lately ...( my DNA as soon as having a kid said 'meat forever' - which even if we argue the benefits of meat for a child,those reasons don't apply for me. So I've been reconsidering these notions). Ultimately, I definitely don't need to buy something with leather for aesthetics. Also, I totally have been on a mild comfort function health bender/ fetish which seems to be gaining momentum. For example, yesterday I just purchased a donut grandma cushion to put in the chair of my little practice cave. It totally made sitting more comfortably so I practiced longer and in a more focused manner.
    In any case, there are several neoprene options ( which also have leather to them aswell if it's a desired look ) out there when doing a search.
    I'm totally turning into a GGG ( guitar golden girl ).

  9. JPMike

    Wilmore, thank you very much!!

    I ordered 4 styles. I am a happy man now!!


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