Kurt's Thumb use.

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  1. JPMike

    I noticed that Kurt uses his thumb most of the times to play notes on the 6th string, any insight on how he's using it or on what kind of material?

  2. fakejake

    i've never seen that. can you provide a like to video in which he does it?

  3. patfarlow

    try this chords he does : 35342x
    Thumb on the root G7#11
    its from the "east coast love affair" transcription on the Kurt website

  4. fakejake

    oh shit I'm so stupid today... SURE!! I thought you meant his right thumb.....
    yeah he uses it a lot. especially with the red 335 which has a really tiny neck, I'm sure he'd be able to fret both E and A strings

  5. JPMike

    so what would be those chords?

  6. fakejake

    [+] Embed the video | Video DownloadGet the Flash Video

    thats one of the clips I had in mind. on some chords he is probably just dampening, but i'm pretty sure he also frets a lot with his thumb. ballad in a trio setting kind of calls for somewhat bigger chords than usually...
    using a chord chart of darn that dream you should be able to figure out most of the chords he plays.

  7. Basile865

    Another cool example - I dont know if Kurt's used this - I'm sure he has - but try this



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