Kurt's use of expression pedal for delay

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  1. add4

    I'm wondering how exactly kurt uses the expression pedal on his delays.
    I have seen the pedalboard video where he says it gives 'more delay' or 'less delay', but it is the delay time? the wet/dry ratio, the number or reps? what exactly is he doing with it?
    also he seems to always have his foot on the expression pedal on the pictures .. how is he using it? putting more delay at the end of the phrases systematically? or just a change during comping/solo ?
    If he is adjusting the wet/dry ratio, the line 6 and time factor have 'dynamic delays' that are supposed to do that automatically to some extent, so what does the pedal bring that is not possible to have with these delays?
    Thanks for your input

  2. JorgeRubiales

    I would think its the wet/dry thing, because if you set in a lehle looper the volume pedal and the delay, basically you have a wet/dry control.

  3. wilmore

    the pedal controls the amount of repeats. more repeats=more sustain. it functions like a sustain pedal on a piano.

  4. JorgeRubiales




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