Kurt's use of the EQ pedal

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  1. jorgemg1984

    Hi! I just wondering if anyone knows what Kurt usally does with his EQ pedal? Of course I know it depends on specific amp / room etc.. but I think his use of the EQ pedal is essential to his sound. We are always discussing his RAT, reverb, delay but if everyone has any idea whay frequencies he cuts / boosts to achieve his sound bring them! (I know he used a Boss Parametric and know uses a ParaEq)

  2. wilmore

    there is a recent video of him going through his pedal set up. he said he uses the eq to cut the highs from fender twins even with the twins treble turned all the way down. also he boosts the mids a little bit. in the video he said he liked the sound of the twin he was using so the eq was off.

  3. jorgemg1984

    Yeah I assumed that and I also assume he modded his Twin to cut the highs,,, But I know he also used it with the Polytone, I was just curious about his EQ use... It also feels he cuts the bass sometimes - his bass is very clear but never gets in the double bass area.

    I couldn't find that video, can you provide a link?


  4. wilmore

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  5. wilmore

    i dont know if that worked. i'm not sure how to share a youtube link....kinda computer stupid. you can search kurt rosenwinkel masterclass on youtube, it's the sixth video down.

  6. jorgemg1984

    Thanks man! I had already seen the masterclass videos a while ago but now they added this ones... really great!

  7. jorgemg1984

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    Continues here

  8. add4
    kurt's para eq during a concert in a small/medium venue

  9. jorgemg1984

    Thanks a lot!

  10. add4

    i think that with a setting like that the para eq has a very subtle effect... the signature sound must come from something else.. fingers maybe? :p
    he has many pedals i don't know .. and i don't even hear them when he plays .. i'm very curious to know what his compressor and other things add to his tone in the end.
    i guess it matters .. i wouldn't carry 1 cube meter of pedals all year long, for every gig, if that didn't mattered to me :p

  11. jorgemg1984

    His sound these days is much less processed to my ears - less delay and reverb. Also brighter than it used to be. Of course his fingers are very important to his sound... in that video he plays he sometimes turns pedals on and off and some of them (flanger, tremolo, compressor, attack decay) were very subtle to my ears.


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