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  1. Is it just me that I can't seem to play the video. There's sound but the video is not playing.

    Let me know if you guys are successful in playing it.


  2. Joel

    Works fine for me, takes a while to load up though.

    Also, if you like the 'warming up' phrase I've just transcribed it.

    It's in the lessons section at

  3. nateroberts

    Hey Joel - For some reason I can't see the whole article or the transcription under your lessons page. I can see where it is but it won't let me scroll down any lower and I can't figure out how to actually view the transcription.

    - nate

  4. Joel

    Hey Nate,

    Click on the box with the 'Rosenwinkel Ideas' title, then scroll down past the writing using the orange scroll bar, there are links at the bottom (it's the one in blue 'click here for full size lesson score'.

    Let me know if that doesn't work out and I'll get you a copy some other way.


  5. mikelorenz

    thanks for the link joel! that's a fun exercise to warm up on and take through different keys. i tried adding 2 notes to make a septuplet instead of quintuplet which was fun as well!

  6. Joel

    No problem Mike. Will try the septuplet idea too...


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