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  1. Sandemose

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    I think it's a good record. Lage's playing is so great on this one. But for some reasons I like more his quintet record.. Maybe because I like the sound of a quintet with sax more than "just" piano/guitar. But the compositions are interesting and Lage's so lyrical as usual.
    Such an incredible player.
    I'm waiting for the new Mike Moreno's because guitar+piano+vibes .. this is going to be rich harmonically !!!

  3. Quintricacy

    I checked it out today. While the playing on the record is really good, all the songs are all roughly in the same kind of tempo bandwidth-medium slow- medium and there is a very similar vibe to all of the tunes. That being said, I really enjoy Folly it has a nice groove and Lage really goes for it on this track.

  4. Matt

    i want to pick up one of his records. Which is better to start, any recommendation?

  5. filters

    early songs ... quintet record with marcus strickland and danny grissett ... great playing. some compositions and some standards.
    highly recommended !

  6. Sandemose

    Gonna check out "Early songs" soon. Thanks for the recommendation!


  7. JtV

    Standards trio is also very good. Personally I always enjoy hearing guy of this caliber (rogers, rosenwinkel, lund) approach standards. I also agree that Early Songs is quite good...

  8. Colonel Trane

    I like the standards record and romantic latino as starting points because I like to hear the way they approach tunes I know first. I haven't listened all the way through unlikely stories but Folly is great.

  9. silverwater

    I really like the sound and overall vibe of "Unlikely Stories", and disagree with any of the criticism others have written. It's my favorite Lage recording.

    I've started working on the solo for the first tune, Swagger. Already I can tell that it's having a positive effect on my playing, especially the way he starts and ends some smaller phrases on the same note. As a listener that sort of melodicism is very engaging.

  10. Sandemose

    That you said about starting and ending on the same note sounds really intresting! Im gonna add that to the discussion about improvisation as well.

    Best, Sandemose


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