Lage Lund + Odd Meter = Trouble

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  1. Thiago

    Hi guys,

    I got myself in trouble when transcribing a tune of Lage Lund, 'Life at the Bottom of a Lake'. I just can't figure out which are the meters. I feel the first bars in 2/4(it's a guess), but when it changes I lose myself.

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    I'd appreciate a lot if somebody could shed a light in this regard.


  2. arewolfe

    4/4. It's just that there are accents in unexpected places. It gets a little weird between 1:20 and 1:40 but it's still in 4.

    You could almost think of it in 1, with the "1" being the slow 55-60ish bpm pulse.

  3. Thiago

    Hey Arewolfe,

    thanks for your feedback, man. Now I get it!

    And sorry taking so long for replying. Actually I tried to reply before, but for some reason my message ended in an error page.




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