lage lund + taco bell?

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  1. cruxtable

    i'm friends with him on facebook and his work says taco bell careers. anybody knows if he actually worked/works there? if so it bodes unwell for the future of any jazz guitarist in nyc.

  2. filters

    It's a joke... Taco is the name of his dog actually ! (yes this forum is all about gossips)

  3. cruxtable

    haha. that's good to know. on a side note....does anyone know do musicians who move to new york get started when they just move there? any anecdotes there? without something like a taco bell gig i imagine it's hard to make the $800-1000+ rent when you first get there.

  4. filters

    I think Mark Turner had a day job, working at Tower Records... but it was a long time ago, around 95 or earlier.

  5. egav

    I think he also had that he was working for homeland security, I don't believe it much either. His fb is full of joke stuff.

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