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  1. M.L-13

    Hey all,
    i was wondering if any of you has ever taken lessons from Larry Koonse and getting some feedback about it because i was thinking next time i am in LA to take a couple of lessons from him.

  2. tonyguitar

    Larry is one of the unknown greats of jazz guitar. Well worth seeking him out to take a lesson.

  3. patfarlow

    Dont know him, but i took a lesson with Sid Jacobs in LA which was awesome.

  4. i attended a clinic he taught and he was great. a really organized dude who was super approachable.he was teaching at the university level at 17 after his audition! he had a real facility with that jimmy wyble material of counterpoint ( obviously checked out bach) but also seemed to not have a bunch of licks- he was going for it in real time too and encouraged both investigating the stuff in a systematic fashion in conjuction with just fishing around for stuff using your ear.

  5. tonyguitar

    Sid Jacobs is a GREAT teacher! In my experience I noticed great players don't always make great teachers.

  6. M.L-13

    thanks guys!i m checking wybles etudes too.larry also made a record relatively recently playing jimmy's music.although he is not that famous many guitar players in ny say the best about him

  7. 111

    If you have the chance to take a few lessons with Larry I think it would be a great opportunity.


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