Lead Voice on Deep Song

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  1. eminkovitch

    Hi everyone! I was listening to Deep Song album for the third time, and it just hit me how fantastic this album is. Anyway, my question is - Kurt uses a composite tone on all tracks, a clean tone and a processed tone at the same time. Does anyone know how this is done - is that a guitar synth, or just split signal running through some sort of effect box? I know how to do this split signal setup, it works, but I was wondering what tone Kurt uses. It's very effective. By the way if anyone wants to know how to set up the split tone, I will be happy to explain. Much appreciated, cheers.

  2. Kurt sings what he plays, that's probably what you're hearing?

  3. dstoess

    I noticed the same on Deep Song and like the sound. Could you tell me how to achieve that composite tone using the split signal setup?

  4. julianjayme

    Perhaps he's using the Xotic XBlender? A buddy of mine recently purchased one of those. It blends the wet signal with a dry signal.


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