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  1. cruxtable

    when it comes to the actual technique, particularly pull-offs...I believe I saw/read about Allan Holdsworth, that he doesn't actually do pull-offs, he does only hammer ons when going to a lower note on the same string. So instead of pulling the 8th fret down the 5th fret, I guess he would lift up the 8th fret and do a hammer or tap on the 5th fret?

    Does anyone know if this is true, or does anyone use this technique? It might be good for me since I find that doing pulloffs tends to bend the first note out of tune a little bit at times. Or maybe I can improve this bend without using that technique. Does anybody know the specifics for any other players (kurt, gilad, moreno..) and how they approach the pulloff? Or any legato technique in general, really.

  2. SJS

    Yes Is True

  3. guitar1025

    I'm pretty sure he does only hammer ons. I've read somewhere that he also uses very light gauge strings (possibly .009")!

  4. SJS

    And Jim Dunlop 6000 fretwire

  5. mikelorenz

    @ SJS - I never thought of the significance of the fret size...could you elaborate on what that might do to the sound re: legato playing?


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