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  1. fakejake

    Hey guys,
    I was wondering whether any of you have experience with Lehle pedals, especially the Parallel, which lets you blend in effects with your dry signal. As my signal path has gotten longer over the past years I am curious if I could retain a little more of the woody, organic guitarsound this way, without having to sacrifice the effects I like. Unfortunately it is pretty expensive and another pedal to schlep around, so it should make a significant difference to pay off.

  2. wilmore

    I have a white face reissue rat plugged into the parallel and it makes a good amount of difference. before i got the pedal i used to just take the rat out of the chain for no dirt needed gigs and would notice a big difference in tone...more woody without rat. the parallel took care of that, although it is quite a pricey fix. hope that helps some.

  3. fakejake

    Hey Wilmore,
    Interesting, thanks for your reply! Is the RAT the only pedal you use, or is there any particular reason why you take just this one out of the path, and not, say, the reverb or delay?

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  4. wilmore

    my reverb and delay are always on so no need to remove them from path. I have a strymon lex in between rat and delay/reverb that i rarely use but those pedals don't mess with sound when not in use. interesting note, i called strymon a while back asking which bypass mode(they have true and buffered options) i should use for a pedal that is rarely on. they responded with buffered. i then asked, if that is the mode you recommend why not have that be the default bypass mode. they said it's because people are crazy about true bypass so it sells better, and that if your pedal has a good buffer it's a better bypass option. i tried both modes and can't hear a difference. anyways, the parallel is an on/off switch so whatever you have plugged into it comes on with one switch, unless you have pedals turned off and do some two stepping.


  5. fakejake

    But isn’t the Parallel mainly a blend pedal to mix some dry into your wet signal?
    Shouldn’t this make a difference for delay and reverb as well?

  6. wilmore

    i see what you mean. i guess i'm using mine mainly to keep from losing tone when rat is not engaged(damn that is an expensive way to go about it now that think about it....). i have the mix on the parallel at 85% wet(rat is on a low gain setting). I don't need it for reverb and delay because they are strymon and have their own dry/wet mix knob. i do remember Kurt used to have a parallel for everyone of his pedals.


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