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Lenny Breau

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  1. Umbertogtr

  2. There is a book and it might've even been a Mel bay publication . However this popped up when I was looking:

    And perhaps this is what I had with a new cover:


  3. patfarlow

    i uploaded some here i got from a awesome book by stephen anderson about lennys playing style....i have the mel bay one, and stephens is better.

    Also i leanred the "small shapes" method lenny uses if any ones interested

    Magical rainbow ponies
  4. washabaugh

    Small shapes = guide tones + extensions ???

  5. Are you talking about the thing where you play tritones a half step away ( on both sides) to represent I IV V?
    Like F&B for the I in G; E&Bb for the IV (C ) and F#&C for the V ( D ).
    These were done on the lower 3 strings and then you try to negotiate motifs with the remaining fingers, right ? There was the issue of using a thumb pick and finger p on adjacent strings and also using i and c for picking and getting used to this awkwardness of this. This thing?

  6. patfarlow

    you guys pretty much have it.......

    You take several shapes, lets take the shape we get when holding C,F,Bb ....C7sus thing
    we will call this "shape 1" from now on.
    The point is knowing what chord it gives you when moving it up the neck, STILL IN RELATION TO C.

    so if you slid "shape 1" up to the 5 the fret youre know holding D, G,C. So in relation to C this is the 9th, 5th, and R. use it as a Cmaj9

    Now slide it up to to the 7th fret still using "shape 1" now we have E,A,D which is the 3rd 6th, 9th of a C chord. CMaj69 thing

    now lets go to the 8th fret we get F,Bb, Eb this the 4th, b7, b3 could give a C minor sus sound

    now tenth fret G,C,F this is the 5th, R, 11th, this is a versatile one, couldbe used in may ways.

    now 12th fret A,D,G the 6th, 9th, 10th...kinda of a C6/9 thing or maj these are all ambiguous

    now 14th fret B, E, A this pretty easy 7th, 3rd, 6th nice Cmaj9 thing

    Lenny used these alot in his playiing. Now the next part is the other Shapes you have to you the same process with
    Shape 2 - C,E,A
    Shape 3, C,F#,B
    Shape 4 - C,F#,Bb

    lemme know if this makes sense, i have the PDF with shapes somewhere.....

  7. igor.blomberg

    @patfrlow Sounds like great stuff, any chance I could get my hands on that PDF?


  8. jseaberry

    You might like this one of "Georgia".


  9. patfarlow

    thanks i have been looking for this georgia tab....you guys have seen the lenny doc on youtube right?

  10. Yes. inspiring .... And very depressing !

  11. patfarlow

    here is a turnaround to C major lenny uses, from the mel bay book

    4x4311 3x313x x11111 332000

    so awesome


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