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  1. TruthHertz

    Don't use that link. It's worth having, I feel strongly, and you seem to agree. Buy it. It also makes a statement of appreciation to the artist when you do that. Buy it, and put it in your itunes, listen to it and enjoy it. There is a human being that will get a few pennies for your gesture and that person should be supported.

  2. contremisart

    Dude I already have the cd. I just wanted people who cannot find it anywhere to get a taste of it. But if that's not the case, I can delete the post.
    By the way that website is completely official. They are the main internet service providers in Turkey. But I don't get how that system works.

  3. wommusic
    Key Master

    Hi, We appreciate the enthusiasm for the music of course, but please do not link to pirated stuff on the artists own website. That is just wrong. There are many ways of obtaining copies of Kurt Rosenwinkel's songs and albums, most of them very affordable. And thanks for your words too TruthHertz!

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  4. contremisart

    Hey, sorry for the confusion. As I stated, that website is offical. They are a very large company here. Therefore I thought it wouldnt be considered as piracy. You should delete this whole thing I guess.


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