Live footage of my gig yesterday with Ron Miles

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  1. guitarua

  2. jazznan

    You sound like a rock guy, is that your background? The whole show sounds very rock oriented was that the idea?

  3. guitarua

    Huh, I didn't think that at all but it's good to hear a differing opinion. I have a background in rock and jazz, went to school for jazz. I wouldn't particularly call it rock, but it's definitely not straight ahead jazz.

  4. jazznan

    It's cool

  5. grantgordy

    Sounds really great man!

  6. jazznan

    Sorry, I wrote my questions really fast, but I wasn't being critical, I was just wondering how the feel of the different pieces were arrived at? Explicit direction etc...or just group interaction, I really enjoyed it as well (i listened to it twice).


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