Long Tone Excercise For Guitar?

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  1. Listening to this Wayne Shorter solo

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    This recording is a great example of Shorter's sound I think and I was just wondering if anyone here had a long tone-type excercise. Obviously you don't have the breath control but maybe something along those lines.
    I'm probably just up too late and not making a whole lot of sense.

  2. themawt71

    i've thought about this too!

    what i've just started to do is to play an open string repeatedly (2 notes a second or so) with my pick above the 17th fret all with down strokes. i'll do this for 10 seconds or so and listen to the sound as closely as possible. then i'lll move the pick above the 18th fret and do the same thing. then i'll move to the 19th fret and do the same thing. and i keep moving the pick a half an inch or so towards the bridge still doing the same thing until my pick hits the bridge.

    it seems the more you do this the more you notice the change in sound with each movement of the pick.

    then i guess you could do the same thing but with alternate picking as well.

    if you really want to get hard core about it you could do the same thing for each fret of every string rather than doing the pick movement thing with just an open string. did that make sense?(i'm tired)

    i have not done that last option above yet.

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  3. JorgeRubiales

    Well, just an idea, but the exercise mentioned by themawt71 seems what you're looking after.

    I would start picking at the end of the fingerboard just because I wouldn't pick any closer to the nut in a playing situation.

    I think the key is to work on one's picking, not only its speed, but its sound quality too. I know I do with classical guitar, and I know many classical players do it too. Just an open string and listen to those notes.

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  4. InWalked

    I used to do this left hand exercise. Play any fretted note with the 1st finger, shift to the 2nd finger, then the 3rd, then the pinky going for one long uninterrupted sustained tone all with one pick stroke.

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  5. cool-- thanks for the responses. I am going to try this right now. Here is a clip of me from a couple of years ago---any other suggestions to help me with my sound would be greatly appreciated.(i'm the one playing the prs by the way)

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  6. JorgeRubiales

    Your tone seems fine to me. In a solidbody guitar you can't get much more of it.

  7. in walked, i love that you mentioned this. i do this! it is especially useful in slower( ballad stuff ) to ornament a melody by having the freedom to change a chord or play harmonic or melodic things ( either above or below the melody note) all the while sustaining that one pitch. it is tricky to do well , its as if your hand is functioning at a slightly faster tempo just to be able to do it correctly.



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