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  1. the other day i was trolling the youtube and came across a kurt song. it was a studio thing and not live. there was maybe a black and white still for an image. maybe it's off of enemies of energy ( i only owned that briefly ). he was singing, i think there was acoustic guitar in the mix. the drums seemed flat and clean in that old mtv unplugged way ( brushes or hot rods). a thing that really stood out is that it felt like steely dan ...like a lot.
    i generally don't like that vibe, but he made it hypnotically inviting/comforting. i was impressed that he chose to share/make something in that vein.
    it felt at times that the voices were doubled and they kind of faded in and out in ( in some backwards message-y anti compression way).
    does this ring a bell or could i have dreamt this?
    ps he is really rad

  2. ... found it .portuguese. it's that "hey" and the hihat shutting at the same time on the and of 4 that gives it that steely dan thing i think.

  3. Sandemose

    Could it be "Number ten"? Kinda dreamy, impressionistic song with acoustic guitar and vocals? Its on "Enemies of Energy"

    Best, Sandemose

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  4. david6strings

    The Polish song?

  5. jorgemg1984

    Probably "Portuguese", last song on "Under It All"


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