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  1. cruxtable

    hey all,

    i've been getting into looping, wondering if anyone has something, videos and such, to share of great applications of looping. i am into bill frisell and saw his recent john lennon feature that had some cool use of loops, looking for some more inspiration.

    also, i do need to get a designated looper...i've been using the dl4, but i would really like something that supports multiple loops, so i can record them separately and turn them off and on again if i need to..i've looked briefly at the rc-300 and the boomeraing iii, but not sure what would be best. any recommendations? also, i saw somewhere that kurt uses a boomerang, does anyone know of any videos or anything where he can be seen using it?

  2. Thiago

    Hi Paul.
    I don't know much about it, but I really like the job of Wolfgang Muthspiel in this duo with Brian Blade.

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  3. cruxtable

    shit yeah

  4. hoops

    The rc 50 is awesome but it's expensive. It has soft touch pedals which help keep loops on time. Also has 3 rec/play buttons and 3 stop buttons. Plus track faders and other crazy shit.

  5. cruxtable

    i'm looking at getting the boomerang 3, as it supports multiple independent loops and other features i need, such as stutter and reverse...any recommendations?

  6. hoops

    Never tried the boomerang looper. Heard they're great though. Wish I could be of better help.

  7. geetarted

    The new Boomerang 3 is supurb. For looping check out David Torn. I use some apps on my Iphone with good results.


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