Looping and Samples ?

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  1. jazznan

    Hello ya'll. I have been looping for years with one of the first Boss Loop Stations and recently sold it and bought a Ditto looper for simple things.

    I've messed around with Ableton Live a little bit at home (demo version), and want to use something more serious to trigger loops, synth, samples etc...I've thought about getting something like EHX 45000, as I'm somewhat more partial to hardware...but then why would I?

    I've thought about Ableton Live with a Boss RC 50 or now the 300 (even on it's own) some kind of foot controller and a small midi keyboard...any suggestions?

  2. Quintricacy

    You should look into the Softstep by Keith McMillen. It's been on my "must buy" list for a while now!



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