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  1. Quintricacy

    Yeah! Louis is one of the fathers of the Jazz scene here in Dublin. He is still playing around the city but mostly in small pubs which is sad. It's a shame he never really got the attention he deserved. I've only seen him play once but i've heard many recordings as my dad was his bass player when he began to play jazz. How did you find him?

  2. Do The Math blog ( what a great source of interesting information and analysis ) > an article on Gordon Beck> you tubing some of the names dropped.

  3. jorgemg1984

    do the math is brilliant!

  4. Yes, that blog is so great. Here is another one ( there are many great clips of him ). Here is this great sense of line . It borders on that martino- ish onslaught , but the contour , structure, invention and narrative qualities are truly masterful - also , devoid of that lick #55 to # 228 to lick # 19 vibe I get from martino . He seems to really be interacting despite maybe setting out on an agenda... The harmonized line one that 2nd A before the solo is just so slick, greasy and mean . What a player:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

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    @ quintricacy: i wonder if it is sad or if he prefers it simple like that. Maybe it's a romanticized notion from here that finds that to be a cool way to be. He must know he is bad.

  5. Djangologist

    Absolutely a master player. The "Acoustic Duets" album with Martin Taylor is, in my humble opinion, one of the great jazz guitar albums.

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    I'm playing some of these arrangements for a gig next week and I found this--really beautiful guitar solo.


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